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Forum Rules

Welcome to our forums. By using them, you agree to the following rules and conditions:

1. Please be civil. We encourage robust debate and discussion, and we encourage healthy disagreement. But we will not tolerate personal insults or attacks on other members.

2. You, the user, are solely responsible for the content of your message. Don’t post any personal information you’re not comfortable making public. This is a public forum – a good rule of thumb is not to write anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing on the front page of the New York Times tomorrow morning.

3. Use of this forum is a privilege, not a right. FCA reserves the right to moderate or ban any member who abuses other members, who acts in a generally uncivil or disruptive manner, or who posts false statements.  We’re not heavy-handed, we just don’t want to see petty fights or flamewars.

4. Commercial promotion of any type (especially promotion of any funeral, cemetery, or other death service or product) is absolutely forbidden. Members of the funeral and death services industries are welcome to participate here, but FCA is a nonprofit consumer education organization – this is not the place to make a sales pitch. We realize there are gray areas between informing people of available options and flat-out commercial promotion, though.  If you’re in doubt, email before you post to ask. We’re pretty reasonable. 

5. Legal misinformation will be corrected or removed. FCA acts as an objective source of factual information on funeral and burial law and options for consumers to counter the misrepresentations and myths that many consumers face when planning a funeral. Please think carefully before you make a statement that something is “required by law” or “illegal.” Make sure you’re correct. It’s better to ask the question and help us research the answer than to potentially confuse members of the public looking for straight answers. 


Thank you, and welcome!  



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