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Eternal Reefs, Cremation, and Green Memorialization

I appreciate the opportunity SevenPonds gave me to discuss the value of conservation memorials.

Most of the funeral industry does not recognize the changes that are occurring within society as it pertains to memorialization. To differing degrees cost is an issue for everyone, and the current economy highlights cost as the reason for the explosive growth in cremation..

But if the industry would drill down just a little bit into what else is driving individuals and families they would find that the real issue is one of VALUE. Families and individuals no longer see the ‘Value’ in goods and services that are only viewed for a few hours and then disappear never to be seen again. This change is grounded in a number of tangential issues; family cemetery plots are filled, or the family no longer lives in the same region as the plot; families have become bi coastal and are no longer looking at multi-generational cemeteries; divorce rates; childless families; cost; and, convenience are all combining to change how we look at memorialization.

When families learn that they can create lasting contributions that will preserve green space, endangered ecosystems and marine habitat for future generations at half or less than the cost of a contemporary memorial the VALUE becomes attractive. In conservation memorialization the majority of the cost goes to the cost of preserving and protecting the environment, something tangible that they and others can look at for the rest of their lives and appreciate the VALUE they are creating and protecting.

It is going to be up to the consumers to lead the funeral industry in the direction of conservation memorialization

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Thanks, George Frankel


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