Green Burial & Other Environmentally Friendly Choices

Green Burial & Other Environmentally Friendly Choices

This section of Get Help covers the basics of green burial practices and cemeteries, reducing environmental impact, and two newer green alternatives: alkaline hydrolysis and natural organic composting. What is green burial? Green (or natural) burial emphasizes simplicity and environmental sustainability. The body is neither cremated nor prepared with chemicals such as embalming fluids. It … Read more

Traditional Burial

What is a “traditional” burial? The concept of “traditional” burial has evolved over time. Earlier in America’s history, the family cared for the body after death, wrapped it in a shroud or placed it in simple wooden coffin, and buried it at home or in a nearby cemetery. Today, for most Americans, it is considered … Read more

Upcoming Events

FCA Webinar: What Happens When You Can’t Afford to Die? Wednesday, May 22, 8 PM EST Funeral poverty is real. What happens to the unclaimed dead? All people have the right to a personalized and respectful service that memorializes their life on earth. Indigent Burial Programs help ensure, as a community, that everyone who exits … Read more

2024 Deathcare Super Conference

​Save the date –General Registration will open soon!September 27-29, 2024 ​Seattle Public Library, Central Branch1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA In-person pre- and post-conference events will be held on Friday 9/27 and Sunday 9/29.In-Person and Virtual Conference will be held on Saturday 9/28. Five deathcare nonprofits are teaming up to host a superconference!This conference is jointly … Read more

Recruiting Volunteers

If we treated feeding ourselves the way most of us approach getting active board members, it would look like this… Camera dollies in to a man with a panicked expression, clutching the phone. .  John: The cupboard is bare, and I’ve tried everything, but all the grocery stores are closed. . .what will we do!?  … Read more

Ten Tips for Saving Funeral Dollars

There are many ways to save money while still having dignified, memorable arrangements. You might consider donating your body for medical research (at no cost to your family) followed by a memorial service at a church or other setting. Immediate burial or direct cremation followed by a memorial service can be cost-saving options. Veterans benefits … Read more

Guide to Cemetery Purchases

Many people ask us about funeral costs, but often they forget about cemetery expenses, which can be substantial. Buying burial rights at a cemetery can be a complicated and costly process, and cemeteries aren’t sufficiently regulated in most states. It’s important to know exactly what you’re buying, and what your rights are. Right of interment … Read more

Common Funeral Myths

Navigating the intricate world of funeral arrangements can be an emotionally taxing and challenging experience, further complicated by the abundance of misconceptions and myths that surround the process. These misconceptions can lead to unnecessary expenses that could have been avoided with a clearer understanding of funeral practices. This guide aims to debunk some of the … Read more

How To Choose A Funeral Home

Perhaps your loved one is nearing death and you must find a funeral home quickly. Or you have decided to pick a funeral home for yourself long before it’s needed, to spare your family the ordeal of making this decision while grieving and pressed for time. If you have used a funeral home in the … Read more


Funeral Consumers Alliance, Inc. Bylaws Statement of Philosophical and Ethical Principles These statements are meant to guide decisions about whether a person or entity has a financial or other conflict of interest that would make them ineligible to serve in a governing capacity on an FCA Board. While complicated cases will sometimes arise, the fundamental … Read more

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