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The purpose of FCAGL is to educate funeral consumers of the Greater Louisville area.


The local Funeral Consumers Alliance is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Our Board of Directors are elected by the membership at our annual open meeting in October and serve three year terms. We publish a newsletter that is usually mailed out in May and November. We try to send delegates to the National Biennial Conference.



IF you believe...
that money spent on elaborate funerals could be spent more wisely.

IF you prefer…

a funeral that is simple, dignified and reasonably priced, or other alternatives

IF you agree...
that it is better to make plans in advance and put them in writing.

IF you wish...
to spare your family and friends from making the difficult
decisions that must be made at the time of your death.

you will want to become a member of the
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Louisville




Our members may plan any type of service they desire, and they may change their Pre-Arrangement Agreement at any time.  We believe each family should receive the service that best meets its religious and philosophic needs.


We strongly recommend planning ahead but we do not advise prepayment of plans because Kentucky funeral law does not provide sufficient consumer protection.  If you wish to provide for your funeral expenses, set up an interest paying account at your own bank or designate a Certificate of Deposit earning compound interest to be used specifically for your funeral expenses.