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Dear Prospective Members, Extended Families and Friends,

Welcome to our society. We are a non-profit, non-sectarian consumer information association run by volunteers. We began in 1964 in Fayetteville, one of the earliest in the country, calling ourselves the Memorial Society until 2000. FCA has approximately 575 members. Members receive a March newsletter announcing our annual April business meeting and speaker. For adult memberships, we ask for a donation of $30, dependent children are $20. A child reaching 21 must take out his own membership for $30. A medically dependant adult child is free. There are no dues. However, we request donations to function. Please inform us of any address changes or deaths in the family for our records. When moving out of state or out range of our funeral homes, you will have inactive status.

We have agreements with four area mortuaries for their one-day immediate burial or two-day direct cremation services, but members are not required to select these options. However, if you choose to do so, you must inform your next-of-kin so they have the information necessary to proceed promptly in doing your funeral, and save thousands!

The FCA, Inc. is the national organization with which about 100 local groups are loosely affiliated. Your membership entitles you to reciprocal benefits if death occurs while traveling and a chapter is nearby. Call 800-765-0107 for advice or, click on "directory." A network of dedicated volunteers is ready to help those in need at the time of death or those who are thinking ahead. Also, see our website. Order brochures locally. We cannot be responsible for any debts incurred by our members.

We hope you will feel free to call Mary at 479-444-0470 for more help.

2008 Costs
$875 to $950 for Direct Cremation
$1,350 to $1,424 for Immediate Burial