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Author: FCA Board Members

Seven Ponds-5 funeral myths debunked

The death-focused publication Seven Ponds did a great job rounding up common myths people believe about arranging funerals. Don’t miss this one if you want to save stress and money. FacebookGoogleTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more

LA Times covers the fight for funeral freedom

Donna Peizer and Akhila Murphy are death doulas—people who educate families on old-fashioned, private, undertaker-free care of the dead. Like we used to do. The California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau doesn’t like that, and wants to shut them down for “unlicensed practice of funeral service.” Read more

New study of 1,046 funeral homes: Only 18 Percent Post Prices Online

Funeral Consumers Alliance and Consumer Federation of America released a study of 1,046 funeral homes in 35 state capitals.  -Only 18 percent of those surveyed posted their price lists online.
-Consumers surveyed for this report strongly favor a mandate for funeral homes to post their prices online
-The Federal Trade Commission should act to require online price posting; grieving families don’t have time to visit multiple funeral homes to compare prices FacebookGoogleTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more

Consumers Checkbook and FCA on funeral choices

Consumers Checkbook does some of the best work on funeral consumer issues of any general-interest consumer publication. FCA executive director Josh Slocum spoke with them about what consumers face when making final arrangements, how to save money, and what regulations should be beefed up to better protect the grieving. Read more

FCA on retail caskets and cost savings

This short piece from Scripps National News tells you what you need to know if you’re trying to save funeral dollars by purchasing a discount casket. FacebookGoogleTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more