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Author: Josh Slocum

FCA on How to Buy a Funeral—podcast

Brian Hayden has a really interesting project he calls “Redesigning the End“. It’s a site that offers educational courses, mainly for people who want to become professionals in what you could call “alternative death care”. Read more

New Hampshire set to overturn embalming law

New Hampshire has a unique law that no other state has. It says: “Deceased Human Bodies Exposed. – No dead human body shall be exposed to the public for a period in excess of 24 hours unless said body is properly embalmed.” House Bill 1320 would delete this unnecessary requirement. Read more

FCA supports transparency in body donation–HR 4062

DECEMBER 15, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Executive Director Josh Slocum
802-865-8300, josh@funerals.org CONGRESS SHOULD REGULATE THE BODY PARTS TRADE  South Burlington, VT—Funeral Consumers Alliance supports HR 4062, which would establish rules for informed donor consent and proper tracking of donated human body parts for research. Read more

Helping consumers when there’s no FCA/cooperating funeral home

Does your funeral consumer group get calls from people outside your service area looking for help, but there’s no FCA group where the caller lives? Do you get queries from your own members who have moved to an area where there is either no FCA group, or where the new FCA group does *not* have member-only discounts like your group does? Read more

Conference 2021-Recordings

FCA Conference 2021 Recordings of Live Events and Discussion Opening remarks on FCA’s public policy project with executive director Josh Slocum
BUY THIS VIDEO Jewish Funeral Traditions with David Zinner
BUY THIS VIDEO A Complete One-Year Guide to Doubling Your Fundraising, with Josh Slocum
BUY THIS VIDEO Alkaline Hydrolysis with Jason Bradshaw
BUY THIS VIDEO The Pros and Cons of Contracting with Funeral Homes for Member Discounts, with Rod Stout
BUY THIS VIDEO Tax-Sheltering Prepaid Funeral Money with Victoria Haneman
BUY THIS VIDEO Veterans’ Burial Benefits with Larry Provost of the National Cemetery Administration
BUY THIS VIDEO Natural Organic Reduction (composting) with Anna Swenson of Recompose
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FCA Conference 2021

FCA Online Conference 2021—Friday, October 15 through Sunday, October 17, 2021 ALL EVENTS TAKE PLACE BY VIDEO ON ZOOM~YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM US WITH LINKS TO YOUR MEETINGS Friday, October 15 (three presentations)—REGISTER FOR FRIDAY OR ALL THREE DAYS Opening Remarks (1 pm to 2:30 pm Eastern) Join FCA executive director Josh Slocum for a discussion of various funeral-related topics including:
-changes to the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule
-the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s reimbursement program for funeral costs for COVID-related deaths
-state funeral regulatory boards; what use are they really to consumers? Read more