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Author: FCA Board Members

North Carolina Regulatory Board Targets Funeral Consumer Group

What’s the state board doing sending threatening letters to a retired consumer advocate? Which of these is a threat to consumer safety: A. A funeral director who dips into customers’ prepaid funeral money to buy a new hearse B. Funeral homes that rent out their embalming rooms to fly-by-night tissue brokers who dissect bodies and sell them for profit C. Read more

Neptune’s Legal SCAMS

10/06/2008 – Thinking about doing business with the Neptune Society? Think again. For years, FCA has been pointing out Neptune’s tricky accounting practices they use to illegally pocket consumers’ prepaid cremation money instead of putting it in the bank as most state laws require. Read more

Three Out of Four Ain’t Bad

The Federal Trade Commission recently issued opinions on charging customers extra for refrigeration, casket storage, trash disposal, and running errands in cars. Read all about what it means for funeral consumers. FacebookGoogleTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more


After a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission that the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors illegally stopped retail casket sales, the Board agreed to never adopt regulations prohibiting third-parties from selling coffins to the public. Read more