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Author: Josh Slocum

Kentucky Undertakers Try to Shut Down Competition

Note: the story below gives an overview. Readers who want details on the laws discussed should see Funeral Consumers Alliance’s opposition letter sent to Kentucky legislators, and our analysis of the bill . Frankfort, Kentucky, January, 2006 — Faced with stiff competition from innovative, lower-cost funeral services that offer low prices by economizing on overhead, entrenched “traditional” Kentucky funeral homes are trying to abuse the law to protect their pocketbooks. Read more

Oh, What a Difference A Suffix Makes

Wisconsin Funeral Trade Groups Back Bill to Restrict Low-cost Competition UPDATE 10/18/05 — Rep. Phil Montgomery’s office announced last week that AB 485 was “dead,” but Rep. Karl Van Roy, a co-sponsor and the chairman of the small business committee, brought the bill to a vote in amended form on October 17, 2005. Read more

Oh Where is That Tombstone?

The Missouri Attorney General has filed charges against seven monument companies and funeral homes, alleging the businesses took $800,000 from 500 citizens for goods and services never delivered. Just another reason to think twice about paying for your funeral before you’re dead! Read more

FCA Class Action Casket Suit Filed

May 2, 2005
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE To download a .pdf file of the complaint, click here. Funeral Consumers Alliance Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Funeral Conglomerates and Largest Casketmaker for Antitrust Violations South Burlington, VT. Read more

Casket Discrimination

“Burial Only” . . .”Cremation Only”     Some funeral homes are wisely expanding their offerings to suit an increasingly choosy public. A certain segment, though, wants to have its cake and eat it too. These mortuaries offer choice in only one direction: up (in price). Read more