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Affiliates Directory

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestFCA Affiliates Affiliates are all nonsectarian, nonprofit organizations and are usually run by volunteers. They all provide funeral-planning information. The more active groups have done a funeral home price survey listing prices for all funeral homes in their area. Read more

Friends of FCA

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestFuneral Consumers Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational and charitable organization. Your donations to the national organization are tax deductible and support our work  counseling families at a time of need, monitoring state and federal legislation, and helping consumers resolve complaints. Read more

Staff and Board of Directors

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest  FCA STAFF Joshua Slocum, Executive Director
Voice: 802-865-8300
Fax: 802-865-2626
email Sherry, Administrator
Voice: 802-865-8300
email Leda, Administrative Assistant
Voice: 802-865-8300
email Mailing Address
Funeral Consumers Alliance
33 Patchen Road
South Burlington, VT 05403   FCA BOARD OFFICERS DIRECTORS Ruth Bennett, President
FCA of Southern Arizona Rodger Ericson, Vice President
FCA of Central Texas Rod Stout, Treasurer
People’s Memorial Association, Seattle Holly Shreve Gilbert, Secretary
FCIS of Michigan Marcy Klein
FCA of Greater Rochester (NY) Karen Smith
FCA of Greater Milwaukee John Lantz
Memorial Society of Georgia FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more

About the FCA

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestFuneral Consumers Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral. To accomplish that goal, FCA: offers pamphlets and newsletters on funeral choices to increase public awareness of funeral options, including how to care for your own dead without using a funeral home monitors funeral industry trends and practices nationally and exposes abuses serves as a consumer advocate for legal and regulatory reform, giving advice on or lobbying for necessary changes locally, state-wide, or nationally serves as a credible source of information for media covering death and dying works with national organizations sharing similar concerns to expand families’ choices and control over funeral options gives advice and guidance to local memorial and funeral planning societies refers people to local funeral planning societies and regulatory agencies helps 100 funeral planning societies stay in touch with each other and exchange ideas Funeral Consumers Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Read more