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Are toxic personalities harming your FCA?

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest —by Joshua Slocum, Executive Director  During my 16 years with FCA, many local FCA affiliate board members have called looking for help: “How do I serve with a colleague who creates problems and division?” These leaders are afraid. Read more

What I’ve Learned as a National FCA Board Member

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest By Alison Rector In May 2017,  I traveled to Seattle for my third meeting as an FCA board member.  I thought you’d like to read about the work I’m doing on the national board.  I like the work. The FCA board meetings are fun, fast paced, and productive.  Read more

Learning from our Fellow Affiliates – A Valentine

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest by Alison Rector, FCA of Maine “What’s the biggest challenge at your FCA right now?”  This is the question I use to get to know colleagues at our national conference.  I really enjoy the encounters with fellow volunteers at national conferences, meeting new friends from around the USA and Canada.    Read more

Meet an Extraordinary Volunteer!

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest   By Marcy Klein What do you expect to be doing at age 98? Shuffling around in a nursing home or staring at a television set? Maybe not. Take a peek at the life of FCA “volunteer extraordinaire” Art Trimble, of Rochester, New York. Read more

The gift of education for the holidays

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest –John Lantz, FCA National Board of Trustees. I was talking with Kathy Long, Executive Director of Peoples Memorial Association (PMA) and I think she has a really great idea! How about giving the gift of a membership in the local FCA to your nieces, nephews, and friends in the next generation? Read more

Making Love on Facebook

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Well, making “like”, anyway. Laurie Powsner of the FCA of Princeton put together a short tutorial on how to easily share content on your FCA’s Facebook page. Swapping articles and stories from other FCA groups is an easy way to spread our message without reinventing the wheel. Read more

Should your FCA buy liability insurance? Probably not.

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest –Josh Slocum, executive director Lots of FCA-affiliated organizations have questions about liability insurance. Do we need it? What if we get sued? Shouldn’t every nonprofit have insurance? The short answer to the last one is, “no,” but the reasons aren’t always straightforward. Read more