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Recruiting volunteers and leaders for your FCA

-Josh Slocum, executive director If we treated feeding ourselves the way most of us approach getting active board members, it would look like this:   Camera dollies in to a man with a panicked expression, clutching the phone. .  John: The cupboard is bare, and I’ve tried everything, but all the grocery stores are closed. Read more

Putting your FCA in low-power mode

-Josh Slocum, executive director

Has your board got one foot in the grave? Do you lurch from meeting to meeting just hoping to get a quorum? Does no one want to be on your board ever, no matter how hard you try? You’re not alone. The most common request for help we get is from local FCAs with few active board members and no new prospects. Read more

Say Hi to Your State Legislators

3/25/2010—The Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Piedmont in North Carolina has put together a concise, one-page statement of its legislative and consumer protection priorities. This is an excellent idea for any FCA group to copy. Sending such a document at least once a year to your state’s lawmakers establishes you as a credible consumer advocacy group and builds a relationship with legislators. Read more

Round Trip to the Crematory

— by Len Finegold, board member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. Adapted from an article in the FCAGP newsletter. At a party, someone recently asked me,  “Have you done anything out of the ordinary since we last met?” I was about to mutter my usual “nothing much”, and then remembered I’d visited a crematorium. Read more

FCA Elections 2010

Every two years, the local groups affiliated with FCA elect members to the national board of directors. This year, eight candidates are running to fill five seats opening on the national board. These candidates come from FCA-affiliated groups from around the country. Read more

Paper newsletters – the case against email

1/19/2010 — by Josh Slocum, Executive Director Lots of Funeral Consumers Alliance groups are consdering scaling back on printed, paper-based newsletters, and moving to electronic versions instead. Money is tight, and since email is free, we’re all just wasting money paying for postage, right? Read more

How to Build a Better Board

FCA Affiliates – looking to reinvigorate your board of directors and build an effective volunteer corps? Check out these tips from Laurie Powsner, Executive Director of the FCA of Princeton and FCA National board member.
Building a Better Board  Numbers  Have enough people on your board so that all the jobs are getting done and no one person is shouldering too big a load. Read more