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New study of 1,046 funeral homes: Only 18 Percent Post Prices Online

Funeral Consumers Alliance and Consumer Federation of America released a study of 1,046 funeral homes in 35 state capitals.  -Only 18 percent of those surveyed posted their price lists online.
-Consumers surveyed for this report strongly favor a mandate for funeral homes to post their prices online
-The Federal Trade Commission should act to require online price posting; grieving families don’t have time to visit multiple funeral homes to compare prices FacebookGoogleTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more

Events from the FCA Network

Shop Before You Drop: Online Workshop May 23, 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific Late-night ads scream it at us: DID YOU KNOW THE AVERAGE FUNERAL COSTS $10,000!?         Guess what? You don’t have to spend anywhere near that to get a funeral that fits your needs and your budget. Read more

Helping consumers when there’s no FCA/cooperating funeral home

Does your funeral consumer group get calls from people outside your service area looking for help, but there’s no FCA group where the caller lives? Do you get queries from your own members who have moved to an area where there is either no FCA group, or where the new FCA group does *not* have member-only discounts like your group does? Read more

Are toxic personalities harming your FCA?

—by Joshua Slocum, Executive Director  During my 16 years with FCA, many local FCA affiliate board members have called looking for help: “How do I serve with a colleague who creates problems and division?” These leaders are afraid. What if my colleagues think I’m a troublemaker? Read more

What I’ve Learned as a National FCA Board Member

By Alison Rector In May 2017,  I traveled to Seattle for my third meeting as an FCA board member.  I thought you’d like to read about the work I’m doing on the national board.  I like the work. The FCA board meetings are fun, fast paced, and productive.  9 members from FCAs around the country meet along with Executive Director Josh Slocum.  Read more

Learning from our Fellow Affiliates – A Valentine

by Alison Rector, FCA of Maine “What’s the biggest challenge at your FCA right now?”  This is the question I use to get to know colleagues at our national conference.  I really enjoy the encounters with fellow volunteers at national conferences, meeting new friends from around the USA and Canada.    Read more