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From a casket retailer’s point of view

We’re featuring a guest blog post from a relatively new entrant into the field of direct-to-consumer casket sales, often known as a “casket retailer”. Caskets have been one of the most expensive components of many funerals, and discount retailers have stepped in. Read more

CDC: Adapting funeral rituals to a pandemic

The US Centers for Disease Control has some helpful suggestions on how to express and share grief and loss in times when we can’t gather for funerals as we do normally.

Funeral Guidance for Individuals and Families. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more

Covid19 and the dead: facts, not fear

For a .pdf version of this post you can share, click here. When a disaster or a pandemic occurs, people are understandably fearful. But humans are prone to amplifying our fears beyond reality, and one of the first places the human mind goes when in a state of fear is to thoughts of death and dead bodies. Read more

Funerals postponed

The Covid19 pandemic is affecting our lives and our deaths. Families are having to make choices about funerals they haven’t faced before. Everyday more state and federal officials suggest (or mandate) that we refrain from gathering in groups of more than 10 (though this advice has probably changed even as you read this). Read more