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Swapping Cemetery Lots

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestSwapping Cemetery Lots   Consumers with firm resolve can sometimes prevail. Here’s how one woman managed to get her mother’s grave lots swapped from one corporation cemetery to one in another town.  Read more

Wait ’em out, wear ’em out

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestCallous Indifference or Crafty Calculating?
Stewart’s wait-them-out-and-wear-them-out tactics   July 26, 1998 Mr. Peter Savaadra
Simplicity Plan
PO Box 141418
Miami, FL 33114-1418 Dear Mr. Read more

SCI’s Preneed Shenanigans

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Preneed Shenanigans by SCI May 1, 1998 Ms. Charlotte Flynn, Convener
Gray Panthers of Austin
3710 Cedar St., #223
Austin, TX 78705 Ms. Flynn, My family recently experienced a situation that I feel is morally and ethically wrong and could be encountered by every person and family in our state and nation. Read more

Diocese Sign Deals With Devil

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestCatholics Targeted Is Something Wrong with this Picture? In the spring of ’97, The Pilot—a newspaper put out by the Boston Archdiocese—ran an ad for preneed funeral insurance for the Forethought Company, heavily promoted by Loewen-owned funeral homes. Read more

Loewen, Pine Ridge Memorial Park

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestThe following is an e-mail sent to FAMSA, posted with permission. Dear Madam/ Sir, Following is a copy of a letter I have tried to send to the Georgia Ethics Board. Please read it and let me know if there is anything that I can do to resolve this situation. Read more

Loewen Veterans Scam

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestLoewen Vet Scam On a flyer picked up at the regional VA hospital:   The Military Gardens has been rededicated for veterans ex-service personnel and their families. Veteran space No Charge. Spouse and family members of veterans one half off burial space. Read more

Loewen Steamroller

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestLoewen Steam-roller In Ponca City, Oklahoma, Loewen has made a bid to buy a local IOOF Cemetery, currently being run as a nonprofit operation as required by law. The County Commissioners must determine that a sale would not alter the operations before approving such a sale. Read more