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Two for One

Two-for-One Special from Dignity Memorial (nee Service Corporation International) UPDATE 10/25/04 — We love to hear happy endings! Mrs. B writes to us, “Funeral Consumers Alliance to the rescue! I sent [FCA] all the things I had, contracts, etc., Read more

Preneed Casket Bait and Switch

One of the most common complaints FCA receives regarding prepaid funerals is that the customer picked out and paid for a specific casket, while the family is told (at the time of death) that “this casket is no longer available . . .you’ll have to pick out another one.” Read more


FCA responds to the International Cemetery and Funeral Association Following a two-part broadcast on CBS February 11 and 10 on funeral fraud ,the National Funeral Directors Association and the International Cemetery and Funeral Association sent CBS letters of protest. Read more

FTC “Sweeps” NYC Metro Funeral Homes

Funeral Rule Violators The Federal Trade Commission announced the results of a “sweep” of metropolitan New York City homes on December 29, 2003. The FTC press release stated that 12 of 29 funeral homes were found by test shoppers to have violated the Funeral Rule. Read more

Memory’s Garden Cemetery in Trouble

11/05/03 THE LATEST NEWS From The (Albany) Business Review (scroll down for the history of this case): Board of Directors at Albany Cemetery to Resign The board of directors of a Colonie cemetery will resign under the terms of an agreement with the New York State Cemetery Board designed to resolve mismanagement complaints. Read more

Bones, Bugs, and Batesville

Bones, bugs, and batesville (This is a reprint of an article that appeared in the FAMSA Newsletter, Spring 1999)
by Lisa Carlson The “Body Farm” it’s been called—the brain-child of Dr. William Bass, a forensic anthropologist—and the only location of its kind in the country. Read more

Bait and Switch in Las Vegas

Bait and Switch Price Gouging at Palm Mortuary May 13, 2001 Leroy Wright
Palm Mortuary
1325 North Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101 Dear Mr. Wright: I am writing this letter to register my dissatisfaction regarding my experience at Palm Mortuary in handling the funeral arrangements for my brother, Martin A. Read more