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Become a Major Undertaker on this #GivingTuesday!

On this #GivingTuesday, how about donating to the only nonprofit in the US that stands up for the rights of grieving consumers? Yep, we know that every nonprofit is asking for your dollar today. Funeral Consumers Alliance isn’t every other nonprofit, though. Read more

Another Georgia county goes after green burial

In 2008, Bibb County, Georgia, enacted the only local municipal restrictions outlawing green burial that we have seen anywhere in the US. Now another county, Newton, is looking to go down the same misguided path. News coverage suggests that anti-Muslim fears are what’s really behind this new opposition to a planned cemetery that would allow natural burials without embalming, caskets, or concrete outer vaults. Read more

Cremation Sold Separately

Our new study of cremation prices and disclosures at 142 funeral homes around the country shows that nearly a fifth aren’t including the actual cost of the cremation in their advertised prices for direct cremation. Nearly the same number are violating existing Federal Trade Commission Rules that require funeral homes to list a price for a direct cremation when the consumer supplies the container or casket, and a price with the funeral home’s own container and casket. Read more

FCA to release study of hidden cremation fees and consumer protection violations Monday, September 12

Please share this release as widely as possible! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             Contact: Jack Gillis, 202-737-0766 September 12, 2016 at 12:00PM Eastern Call-in: 800-247-5110 Passcode: CFACALL   NEW REPORT ON FUNERAL SERVICES:  THE COST OF DYING IS HARD TO DETERMINE AND WIDELY VARING IN PRICE  Press Teleconference to Reveal New Data on Costs, Price Disclosures and Laws Which Fail to Protect Bereaved Consumers Washington, D.C.  Read more

Consumer Groups Call on Feds to Require Online Funeral Price Disclosures

For Immediate Release                                Contact: Jack Gillis, CFA, 202-737-0766
July 12, 2016                                                                Josh Slocum, FCA, 802-865-8300 CFA Link and Tweet this  Consumer Groups Petition FTC to Require Online Funeral Price Disclosure Petition Reflects the Fact that Many Funeral Homes Fail to Fully Disclose Prices Online Washington, DC – Today, the Funeral Consumers Alliance and the Consumer Federation of America petition the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to revise the “Funeral Rule” so consumers can obtain vital price information on the Internet.  Read more