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Category: Funeral FAQs

Scatter-Brained – all about cremation and what’s left

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestThis article was first printed in the Fall, 2005 FCA Newsletter FCA has a pamphlet called “Common Funeral Myths” that separates funeral fact from fiction. From the queries we’ve been getting lately, it might be time to come out with a tract on Common Cremation Myths. Read more

Should You Prepay For Your Funeral?

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestInsurance companies and funeral homes often tout the benefits of the pre-paid plans they sell. They urge customers to pay for their own funeral in advance—in order to spare their survivors the trouble and expense, lock in current prices, or shelter their assets from Medicaid. Read more

Dead Bodies and Disease: The “Danger” That Doesn’t Exist

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestFuneral industry members frequently claim that dead bodies are a source of contagion to the public, and that embalming is necessary to prevent the spread of disease. Some will also claim that unembalmed dead bodies must be buried in a casket and a vault to prevent “contamination” of groundwater. Read more

For Consumers

GrimReaderCover FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Funeral Consumers Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral. We do for funeral purchases what Consumer Reports does for products. Read more

Filing a Complaint

ombudsman FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestHow to Start No one is perfect, including funeral directors and cemeterians. We all make mistakes. If you are dissatisfied with your funeral or cemetery experience, try to settle your concerns with those involved first. Read more

Caskets—how to save on them

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestNote—Retail casket stores come and go so frequently we’re no longer listing them individually as the information is often out of date quickly. If you’re looking for a retail casket business, a local artisan who makes caskets, or a specialty type of casket not available from your funeral home, your best bet is to do a Google search for terms such as your state/region, caskets, retail, casket stores, etc.  Read more