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Category: Funeral FAQs

Proceso de Embalsamar un Cadaver

“Datos Que Usted Debe Conocer Acerca Del Embalsamamiento” El embalsamar un cadaver es la base sobre la cual se sostiene la estructura completa del Servico Funeral Norte Americano. Es la base que permite al Funerario venderle al doliente mercancia costosa (que tambien provee a dicho establecimiento con un margen de ganancias exhorbitante). Read more

Common Funeral Myths

You must hire a funeral home for every death.
It is perfectly legal in most states to care for the body privately, as a family, without hiring a funeral home. Families can choose to do some or all of the process. A family may want to wash and dress the body and keep it at home for several days as part of a private vigil, only calling the funeral home or crematory when they are ready to let the body go. Read more

“Simple and Cheap” My Father Said

PDF Josephine Black Pesaresi My father, Hugo L Black, died in 1971. At that time he was 85 years old and the second longest sitting Associate Justice in the history of the United States Supreme Court, having sat on the Court for nearly 35 years. An avid tennis player, he served on his two beloved courts—the Supreme Court and the tennis court— until a few months before his death. Read more

Starting a Funeral Committee in Your Congregation

PDF All major religions have established traditions and rituals for caring for the dead. In days past, the religious community was the focal point of activities at a time of death. Unfortunately, as we became a more dispersed society, we witnessed the emergence of for-profit “chapels,” and the funeral industry took over creating new “traditions.” Read more

Planning a Memorial Service

Among the many issues at hand when a loved one dies there are two important ones to decide: planning for the timely disposition of the body and commemorating the life that was lived. When you can separate those two activities, you have a great many more options, both in kind and in cost. Read more

Embalming: What You Should Know

PDF What is embalming? Embalming is a physically invasive process, in which special devices are implanted and embalming fluids are injected into the body to temporarily slow its decomposition. The goal is to preserve the body to make it suitable for public display at a funeral, for long-distance transportation, or for medical or scientific purposes such as anatomical research. Read more

How to Read a Funeral Home Price List

 The funeral home’s General Price List (GPL) is one of the most important tools you have for controlling and understanding funeral costs. The GPL lists (or should list) all the goods and services the funeral home offers, along with the price of each. Read more