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Category: Legislative Watch

Wisconsin trade group tries to undo “combo” ban

UDATE 3/11/2012—The bill has died in committee. 
1/11/12—Once again cemetery owners are trying to undo the state’s ban on combination funeral home/cemetery businesses. Representative Evan Wynn is sponsoring LRB 3490. And their arguments sound reasonable on the surface: consumers will get one-stop shopping and economies of scale will lower prices. Read more

California – SB 658 requires online prices, 2011

March 15, 2011—A first-in-the nation California bill, SB 658, would require funeral homes to post their price lists online if the funeral home maintains a website. FCA has sent a letter supporting the bill. Online funeral pricing is long overdue; the majority of funeral homes (if they even have a website at all) do not post their prices online. Read more

Minnesota -2010, Caring for Your Own Dead

UPDATE— HF3151 has passed both the House and Senate, and only awaits the governor’s signature to become law. The bill reverses some misguided changes the law that restricted families who wanted to care for their own dead without hiring a funeral director. Read more

Washington – Disposition Agent 2010

1/14/2010— Washington is considering SB 6394, which would give citizens the right to appoint a legal agent to carry out their funeral wishes. For status updates, go the legislature’s site and click on “bill information.” FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more

New Jersey Beefs up Cemetery Trusting – 2009

11/23/2009 — Kudos to the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association for their work tightening protections consumers enjoy when prepaying for cemetery services. They succesfully pushed for a bill that would require cemeteries to deposit 100 percent of any money a consumer spends on cemetery services, such as opening/closing the grave, or the crematory fee. Read more

Colorado Passes Mixed Up Funeral Laws

Colorado’s HB 1202 was signed into law by the governor in summer, 2009. (See our earlier post about this troubling bill). While the final version did amend some of the most troubling provisions, the law remains murky and contradictory. The rights of families to care for their own dead without hiring commercial funeral homes are preserved. Read more

Home Funeral Services in Colorado in Legislative Question

SEE OUR NOVEMBER  UPDATE HERE 4/3/2009 – Boulder Weekly ran a feature story on the bill, highlighting the sponsor’s consultation with industry – but not consumer groups – in drafting this bill. FCA did have a productive conversation with the executive director of the Colorado Funeral Director’s Association, which resulted in many areas of agreement on possible amendments (though not total agreement). Read more