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Category: Legislative Watch

Montana – Right of Disposition, 2009

2/3/2009 – The Montana Legislature has introduced a bill clarifying who has the right to make decisions about funeral arrangements. The trouble is, the bill only lets a citizen make his wishes legally binding through a prepaid funeral contract! Read more

Minnesota – 2009, Caring for Your Own Dead

1/12/2009 – A misguided bill in 2007 significantly restricted the rights of families and religious groups to care for their own dead without the involvement of a commercial funeral home. Green burial activist Theresa Purcell, founder of the Natural Burial Project in Minnesota, is bringing together concerned people who want to return those rights to ordinary citizens. Read more

Missouri Preneed Reforms Are Anything But

UPDATE 5/4/08 – Funeral Consumers Alliance and the FCA of Greater Kansas City have sent a joint letter to Missouri Lawmakers asking for amendments to the flawed prepaid funeral reform bills below. We also sent a line-by-line analysis of what’s wrong with a proposed bill from the Missouri Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. Read more


Summer, 2005 — The Tennessee Funeral Directors Association and the state board of funeral directors lost a bid to shut down low-cost funeral options in Tennessee, thanks to the FCA of Middle Tennessee and FCA National. The sponsor of the bills, Sen. Read more

South Carolina

South Carolina’s home page. Senators and contact information. House representatives and contact information. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more


UPDATE 5/21/08 – Senate Bill 196, a bill to tighten preneed regulation, has made it out of committee. The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio supports the bill, but criticizes it for continuing to allow funeral homes to take a 10 percent fee if a customer moves his preneed funeral to a new funeral home. Read more

New York

8/8/06 — Assembly Bill A10051 PASSED. The new law will require cemeteries to give customers lists of rules, regulations, and prices, although the cemetery will be allowed to charge customers the actual cost of duplicating the lists. 1/01/2006 — Assembly Bill A10051 would require cemeteries to give consumers General Price Lists of all their goods and services, and their regulations, just like funeral homes must. Read more