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Category: Legislative Watch

New York

8/8/06 — Assembly Bill A10051 PASSED. The new law will require cemeteries to give customers lists of rules, regulations, and prices, although the cemetery will be allowed to charge customers the actual cost of duplicating the lists. 1/01/2006 — Assembly Bill A10051 would require cemeteries to give consumers General Price Lists of all their goods and services, and their regulations, just like funeral homes must. Read more

New Hampshire

8/8/06 — Effective July 1, 2006, HB 1067 requires crematories to be licensed, requires the state to inspect them at least once every three years, and allows the state to fine law-breaking crematories up to $20,000. The state quickly passed the law — New Hampshire’s first crematory regulations — after investigators found a rotting corpse and abandoned ashes at the now-closed Bayview Crematory. Read more


2/6/07 — Thanks to pressure from citizens and consumer groups, another funeral directors’ association FAILED to outlaw low-cost cremation businesses, and failed to take away families’ rights to care for their own dead. Read about it HERE. Read more


1/04/06 — After trying to claim the power to prohibit families and religious groups from burying their own dead with interference from a commercial funeral home, the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors is backing off thanks to pressure from FCA. Read more


4/12/06 —The Governor signed HB 1046, which requires funeral homes to deposit 85 percent of consumers’ prepaid funeral money into a trust account. The prior law only required 50 percent deposit, which was the lowest requirement in the country.While Read more


Massachusetts Legislature home page. Board of Registration in Embalming and Funeral Directing site with links to relevant statutes and regulations. Preneed Funeral Contract Regulations A major redraft of the regulations for preneed funeral contracts was approved by the Board of Registration on December 9, 2003 and will be published February 27, 2004 in the Massachusetts Register and be enforced as of April 30, 2004. Read more


5/24/06 — Kentuckians can thank their lawmakers for selling them up the river. The legislature caved to the funeral industry’s demands to pass House Bill 232 (see below), a protectionist scheme to keep existing funeral home profits high while denying families lower-cost options. Read more