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Category: Legislative Watch


5/24/06 – Demonstrating a lack of Aloha spirit, the state legislature failed to tighten Hawaii’s prepaid trusting laws for the second year in a row – SB 60 failed. This, despite the fact that the state is suing the islands’ largest funeral business for improperly diverting more than $20 million in consumers’ prepaid money. Read more


8/8/06 – Effective July 1, 2006, HB 910 goes into effect. The law guts most of the protections for cemetery consumers that were enacted in 2000, and gives control over cemetery operations to a board of six cemetery owners and just one consumer representative. Read more


To check the present legislative status of bills, here is a link to Connecticut’s home page. Senators and contact information (including some e-mail). House representatives and contact information (including some e-mail). FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more


5/24/06 – HB 06-1348 a bill that would have brought funeral director licensing to the only state that doesn’t regulate mortuaries , failed. The bill needed serious work, though. As the Funeral Consumer Society of Colorado said in its newsletter, “HB06-1348 has too many onerous requirements that would make it too difficult for a new operator to open a business in Colorado. Read more


Helpful sites:
Department of Consumer Affairs Home page: www.dca.ca.gov/To search for legislation: www.leginfo.ca.gov/ FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more


5/24/06 – HB 405 , which would have incrementally tightened the state’s abysmal protections for consumers’ prepaid funeral money, failed. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Read more


UPDATE 5/24/06 — Wisconsin Assembly Bill 984, sadly, failed to get out of committee. 2/22/06 — Wisconsin Assembly Bill 984 would give consumers the right to determine how their bodies will be disposed of after death, and the right to name an agent to make sure their wishes are carried out. Read more