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Your organization’s database is the list of people for whom you have contact information that are in support of your mission. Whether that list contains 50 people or a few thousand, and whether it’s on paper or in a digital format, your organization will benefit from creating a system to manage that list.

Join Amanda Stock from People’s Memorial Association on August 3rd at 11:00 am Pacific to learn why a Customer relationship management (CRM) system is the foundation to your organization’s success. 


This class is for FCA affiliate volunteers and/or paid staff who don’t know anything about CRM systems but are looking to take advantage of the ways technology can make it easier to operate a successful memorial society. Amanda will share:

  • What a CRM system is and why it matters; 
  • Options for creating a CRM system (this could be an Excel spreadsheet!) that works for your organization and it’s resources; and
  • How you can use your CRM system to grow your organization.


Attendees will receive:

  • An Excel spreadsheet template to move your paper records to a digital format; and
  • A few suggestions for CRM software programs if your team is ready for it.


This class is the second of two classes offered by Amanda Stock with People’s Memorial Association. We highly recommend you attend the class on July 28th about building a website that works (for beginners!) or watching the recording if the date has passed.



August 3rd, 2021 2:00 PM through  3:00 PM
Conference Fee
minimum donation $ 10.00
I want to give more support $ 20.00
I want to give even more support $ 35.00