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Field trip to Mount Hope Cemetery


FCA’s 2018 national conference gathered educators, advocates, and artisans from all over the US and beyond! Thank you to everyone who attended—you make the conference happen, and it’s the main reason we all have such a good time learning with each other.

Melissa Unfred, Karen Smith, Kermit the Dog

This year we have some wonderful sponsors and underwriters to thank for helping us mount this event. Be sure to check them out here—the people and businesses who supported our conference believe in our mission and put their money behind it.

Below you’ll find the presentations we’ve gathered from our speakers. (Please note that not all presenters have an electronic document to share).

Why aren’t there video and audio recordings of the presentations?
We know it would be great, and we know that many of you would really appreciate them. We’d like to have them recorded, too. Here’s why they’re not: money. If you’ve never mounted a national conference, you probably don’t know how very costly it is behind the scenes.

We have to strike a balance between affordability for attendees and what the conference is able to pay to provide. Professional video and audio recording costs many thousands of dollars. We know conference attendees are used to having recorded versions afterward, but that expectation has probably been formed attending events from organizations that have a bigger budget than Funeral Consumers Alliance.

Ellie Klein, 50-year member and supporter, Josh Slocum, exec. director

If you attended and were able to record any audio or video that you can share with us, please drop a note to fca@funerals.org. Thank you!
Available Presentations
(We’ll add more as they come to us)
Joshua Slocum, Executive Director—Learned Helplessness
Jennifer McDermott, FCA of Greater Rochester—Different Perspectives: Funeral experiences of various populations