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Field trip to Mount Hope Cemetery

FCA’s 2018 national conference gathered educators, advocates, and artisans from all over the US and beyond! Thank you to everyone who attended---you make the conference happen, and it’s the main reason we all have such a good time learning with each other.

This year we have some wonderful sponsors and underwriters to thank for helping us mount this event. Be sure to check them out on the right side of this page---the people and businesses who supported our conference believe in our mission and put their money behind it. Thank you!

Below you’ll find the presentations we’ve gathered from our speakers. (Please note that not all presenters have an electronic document to share).


Ellie Klein, 50-year member and supporter, Josh Slocum, exec. director

Borderland Tees-FCA Sponsor

August 1, 2018

Borderland Tees is a social enterprise in Knoxville, Tennessee. Through screen-printing, we fund a community ministry to people who are marginalized due to prison records, mental illness, homelessness, addiction, or any other reason. We call it “Capitalism for the Common Good.” We have also been involved with our local FCA for over 20 years. If… Read More >

Mourning Dove Studios-FCA Sponsor

August 1, 2018

   Mourning Dove Studio started from our own personal experiences – equal parts environmental concerns and the need for better ways to grapple with grief. We make and wholesale cardboard coffins that are environmentally-sound, financially-reasonable and sturdy enough to carry for burial as well as cremation. Writing and decorating the surfaces of these coffins is… Read More >

Centre Street Cambridge Corporation-FCA Sponsor

August 1, 2018

The Centre Street Cambridge Corporation in Boston is a private investment counsel firm that supports FCA’s educational mission. For information, contact Dennis Butler at cscc@comcast.net. Thank you for your support!

Available Presentations