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Register today for our first free, virtual conference September 26-27, 2020!

(rescheduled from original dates 9/22-9/24)

We’re pleased to offer two days of free programming, open to all. Below you’ll find details and registration links. On Saturday and Sunday we’ll start with live presentations on Zoom (registration required for each session). Then we’ll be posting links to pre-recorded presentations you can watch at any time, no registration required.

TIP—If you don’t already have a free Zoom account, head over to Zoom.us and set one up ahead of time. Zoom will require you to download its free video application which will launch and display the video when you join the Zoom keynote sessions. Doing this ahead of time will ensure a smooth experience.

Scroll down this page for details. Registration links to sign up for the live Zoom sessions appear underneath with each presentation description.

Be sure to save the registration confirmation email from Zoom. You will need the link and the password in that email to join your live presentation!

Saturday, September 26 

1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific

Live Keynote Opening—FCA Executive Director Josh Slocum

‘A turning point in consumer protection’

This year hundreds of consumers, FCA members, and organizations asked the Federal Trade Commission to update the Funeral Rule. Our big ask? Requiring funeral homes to put their prices online. As the pandemic has shown, online price and service information is crucial.  Josh Slocum will highlight the changes we’ve asked the FTC to make, and discuss the possible FTC decision and when it will come.



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3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific

Live presentation—Sarah Jane Lambring, FCA of North Texas, FCA national board

Distance Grieving: Ritual and Connection When We Can’t Be There in Person

Explore how funeral homes are tackling pandemic restrictions, discover unique solutions families have implemented, and discuss the successes and failures of mourning at a distance.




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 Pre-Recorded Presentations (video links will be posted Saturday, September 26)
~no registration required for pre-recorded presentations~

The Grief Dialogues: Two short plays looking at the end of life
“Honoring Choices” takes a serious tone. “Dead Giveaway” is funny.
They’re two sides of the same experience, aren’t they?

Presenter: Playwright Elizabeth Coplan, past-president of Peoples Memorial Association



Fundraising 101—A one-year, direct mail plan with templates for FCA affiliate groups
Presenter: Josh Slocum




Fundraising 102—Boosting your fundraising with email and social media
Presenter: Nora Menkin, Executive Director, Peoples Memorial Association




Making your newsletter make more money!—a guide for FCA affiliates to produce a shorter, snappier newsletter that produces more donations for your work.

Presenter: Ruth Bennett, FCA national board and past-president



Sunday, September 27

1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific

Featured Keynote—Dr. Kami Fletcher, Associate Professor of History, Albright College

African American Undertaking: History, Burial Rights and Deathwork

Specifically discussing her research about the earliest African American undertakers in Baltimore, Dr. Fletcher provides a history of African American undertaking and undertakers. Focusing on the rise of the Reconstruction-Era African American undertaker, Dr. Fletcher will show how race, racism and the autonomous black cemetery led to early 20th-century African American undertaking as a vehicle for wealth building and communal self-help. The talk will put special emphasis on how Black women undertakers used newspapers to subvert patriarchy and gender norms in order to thrive in death work that was dominated by men.


REGISTRATION: Click here to register for this live presentation (the link will take you to Zoom’s registration page).

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SPECIAL OFFER—Dr. Fletcher and the University Press of Mississippi have generously arranged a 30% discount for conference attendees on the anthology Till Death Do Us Part American Ethnic Cemeteries as Borders Uncrossed. Click here for a flyer with details.

3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific

Out of Grief Comes Art: Using Theatre to Enhance Your Educational Programs and Service

Join Elizabeth Coplan, playwright and Founder of Grief Dialogues, along with Seattle-based  actors (left to right) Lowell Deo, Meg McLynn, Joanne Burger, and Tom Fraser, for a LIVE performance of Elizabeth’s play Honoring Choices.

Originally commissioned by and performed for Honoring Choices PNW at their annual conference in February 2020, Honoring Choices is a great introduction to the power of  theatre when discussing critical topics such as Advance Care Planning. Through audience engagement on a cultural, emotional and entertainment level, this performance and the post-production discussion demonstrate how theatre/art encourages critical thinking, inspires possible solutions or alternate actions, and brings your educational offerings to
a new level.

Added Bonus: We will share Dead Giveaway, a short funny film on funeral planning by
playwright Daniel Guyton and performed by Tre´ Calhoun and Olivia Powell.

NO registration required. Simply click here at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific, Sunday, September 27, to join this performance.

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 Pre-Recorded Presentations (video links will be posted Sunday, September 27)
~no registration required for pre-recorded presentations~


Essential Basics: how to complete a funeral cost-comparison survey. The cost-comparison survey is the most useful and compelling tool we offer members and the public.

Presenter: Ginny Farney, FCA of Greater Kansas City



The Urge to Merge:how three struggling FCA groups combined into one stronger, statewide organization. 

Presenters: Sara Williams (pictured) and Rebecca Taylor, FCA of North Carolina



7 Ways to Die with Dementia: Some Thoughts about Advance Directives

Presenter: Lamar Hankins, FCA of Central Texas, FCA of San Antonio, past-president FCA national



Going to the capital: how to lobby your state’s regulatory agencies and lawmakers

Presenter: Jim Bates, FCA of North Texas



Tell everyone in town: how to get your FCA’s best speaker invited to present at allied organizations

Presenter: Nancy Petersen, FCA of Greater Kansas City