Four-Step Funeral Planning

Most people don't know the first thing to do after a loved one passes. That's why we've outlined a simple four step process that anyone planning a funeral should read.

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How To Choose A Funeral Home

This step-by-step guide will help you find the best funeral home for you and your family, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

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10 Tips for Saving Funeral Dollars

Don't limit yourself when it comes to exploring the available options while planning a funeral. These ten tips could help you save time and money during your funeral planning process.

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Know Your Rights To A Fair and Affordable Funeral

The death of a loved one is never easy. In addition to the emotional stress, other variables and issues such as finances or family disputes can make things even more difficult. These extenuating circumstances cause many consumers to rush into making a decision, often resulting in unnecessary costs leading to even more stress down the road.

The good news is that with a little bit of knowledge and due diligence, you can avoid many of these hardships. That's why the Funeral Consumers Alliance has organized this section to be a comprehensive resource for all things related to funeral planning.

We recommend that first, you read the top three, "must read" articles above. Then explore the various sub-categories of the website to discover everything you will ever need to know about planning a funeral.

Don't Know Where To Begin? Start Here

1Figure out how much you can afford. If you haven't looked at your budget with your family, stop now and do that before you go any further. The cost of the funeral has nothing to do with how much you love and respect the deceased. Read our article: How To Choose A Funeral Home
2Set a solid budget. If you don't set a limit on how much you can comfortably spend, the funeral home won't either. Setting a sound budget means figuring out how much you can afford without skipping out on your rent, depleting your savings, or taking on high-interest credit card debt. Read our article: Ten Tips for Saving Funeral $$
3Make sure you shop around. Funeral prices vary by thousands of dollars, for exactly the same service, all within the same town. Don't simply go to the last funeral home you used without comparing them to the competition. Check to see if there's an FCA near you; our groups do helpful cost-comparisons. Next Steps: Find a Local FCA Near You.