Funeral Homes

How to read a funeral home price list

As with any major purchase, it’s wise to examine the funeral home’s price list very carefully before signing any contract. That way, you can ensure that the funeral you want fits within your budget. The Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, enacted in 1984, includes many important consumer protections that make researching and buying a funeral easier than in the past. Read more

How To Choose A Funeral Home

Perhaps your loved one is nearing death and you must find a funeral home quickly. Or you have decided to pick a funeral home for yourself long before it’s needed, to spare your family the ordeal of making this decision while grieving and pressed for time. Read more

Common Funeral Myths

You must hire a funeral home for every death.
It is perfectly legal in most states to care for the body privately, as a family, without hiring a funeral home. Families can choose to do some or all of the process. A family may want to wash and dress the body and keep it at home for several days as part of a private vigil, only calling the funeral home or crematory when they are ready to let the body go. Read more