The only organization In the U.S.
that actively monitors the funeral industry

Join our members and volunteers across the country to push for fairness & transparency in the funeral industry.

Funeral Consumers Alliance is made up of smaller regional groups all over the United States. Our local groups have volunteers who publish cost-comparison surveys of funeral prices to help community members price and compare. They monitor the state legislature for bills that would affect the protections that funeral consumers have under law, and speak up on your behalf.

From our existing FCA affiliates, you’ll also have access to articles, brochures, funeral planning kits, and locally relevant information that you can share with folks you want to help.

If you are thinking about starting your own FCA affiliate branch, or you would like to volunteer and join our mission in promoting fairness in the funeral industry, click on one of the links below!

Our Nationwide Network of FCA Affiliates

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