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FCA Files Brief with Supreme Court

   Funeral Consumers Alliance
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation
celebrating 41 years of protecting a consumer’s right
to choose a meaningful, dignified, and affordable funeral January 4, 2005
Contact: Joshua Slocum, Executive Director
Tel. Read more
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Veterans Scams

Veterans Beware! This misleading sales tactic keeps popping up. Just in time for Veterans Day, several cemeteries in the Kansas City, Missouri, area are advertising “Veterans Specials” in the local newspaper. Offering a “free burial certificate” and “free casket info,” these ads are full of the stars and stripes and patriotic images. Read more
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Two for One

Two-for-One Special from Dignity Memorial (nee Service Corporation International) UPDATE 10/25/04 — We love to hear happy endings! Mrs. B writes to us, “Funeral Consumers Alliance to the rescue! I sent [FCA] all the things I had, contracts, etc., and [FCA] went to work. Read more
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Preneed Casket Bait and Switch

One of the most common complaints FCA receives regarding prepaid funerals is that the customer picked out and paid for a specific casket, while the family is told (at the time of death) that “this casket is no longer available . . .you’ll have to pick out another one.” Of course, the family usually has to pony up more money for the “new” casket. Read more
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Body and Tissue Donation

UPDATE 4/15/04 We received word this week that the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws will likely form a committee to draft revisions to the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. While we don’t yet know what revisions might be proposed, we’re hopeful the NCCUSL will amend the UAGA to clearly prohibit the profiteering in donated bodies and tissue, and to strengthen informed consent requirements. Read more
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FCA responds to the International Cemetery and Funeral Association Following a two-part broadcast on CBS February 11 and 10 on funeral fraud ,the National Funeral Directors Association and the International Cemetery and Funeral Association sent CBS letters of protest. Read more
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FTC "Sweeps" NYC Metro Funeral Homes

Funeral Rule Violators The Federal Trade Commission announced the results of a “sweep” of metropolitan New York City homes on December 29, 2003. The FTC press release stated that 12 of 29 funeral homes were found by test shoppers to have violated the Funeral Rule. Read more
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