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ID Viewing - Don't Fall For It!

ID Viewing Many funeral homes are now requiring “personal identification” or ID viewing prior to cremation, hoping that when you see Mom in a cardboard box, someone will ask if there isn’t something a little nicer. In fact, this tactic was recommended at a funeral industry symposium—Keys to Cremation Success, “How to Add $1,400 to Your Cremation Calls”—where the speaker admitted that such a maneuver was self-serving. Read more
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More Corporate Sales Tactics

Greedy and Outrageous Tactics On the back of a Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected/Purchase Agreement supplied by an SCI-owned funeral home—under Terms and Conditions—there appears the following, “LIMITATION OF DAMAGES AND REMEDIES: By signing this Agreement you expressly waive, and you agree that you shall not be entitled to recover, consequential damages or losses of any kind, based on negligence. Read more
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Not so Gay-friendly in England

“Gay-Friendly” SCI in England? The following is from an article by David Northmore in “The Pink Paper,” a British publication, dated November 1, 1996: A multi-million dollar American corporation is cashing in on AIDS deaths in the UK via a helpline claiming to direct the bereaved to gay-friendly undertakers. Read more
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SCI and the 4 'S's'

SCI Manipulates Cremation Customers The following arrived in the FAMSA mail:   Enclosed are educational tools for a new program which Service Corporation International (SCI) is imposing on their funeral homes and members of memorial societies who use their facilities. Read more
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Stewart's Deceptive Preneed Contracts

Stewart Cemetery Practices Deceptive The following was faxed to Maridel Freshwater in the regional office of the Federal Trade Commission by Pierson Ralph, Executive Director, Memorial Society of North Texas. Several editorial comments have been added in italics. Read more
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Loewen Cemetery Shakedown

Loewen’s Cemetery Shake-down Targeting the Poor and Parents Who Have Lost a Child The grandfather got the first call from Hillcrest Gardens in Mt. Holly, NC. Walter owns six lots there. His wife is buried there, and his tiny grandson, too, right on top of his wife. Read more
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