Losing a loved one is hard.
Planning a funeral shouldn't be.

The goal of Funeral Consumers Alliance is to ensure consumers are fully prepared and protected when planning a funeral for themselves or their loved ones.

We do this by offering objective facts about funeral planning so families can plan a meaningful goodbye that fits their needs and their budget.

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Death affects all of us.

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About Funeral Consumers Alliance

Funeral Consumers Alliance is the only national consumer organization that monitors the funeral industry, keeping a close eye on industry trends and advocating for fair practices on the behalf of consumers.

Our network of volunteers not only work directly with consumers, but also alongside those fighting for legal and regulatory reform on the local, state, and national levels. If you don't see an FCA affiliate in your state, don't worry. We have plenty of resources to get you started on learning your rights as a consumer. 

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Did You Know?

Funerals don't have to break the bank

American families can easily spend $10,000 on funeral and burial costs without realizing there’s an alternative. A little planning can save a lot of money.


Shopping around can save you thousands

Although it can be tempting to pick a funeral home based on location or family tradition, you can save thousands of dollars, just by shopping around right where you live.


You have a legal right to clear, upfront prices

It is your legal right to obtain a full itemized list of products and services from a funeral home, not just their “traditional” packages.


Embalming is almost never “required”

Funeral homes want you to pay for embalming, but it’s never routinely required for every death, and it’s never required by law for a viewing. There are always options available.



I joined the Funeral Consumers Alliance when I became terminally ill and had to come to grips with the fact that I had foolishly not planned anything. Your organization provided me much needed support and guidance. The Before I Go Planner was incredibly helpful! There were things in there that I wouldn't have thought of without your help. Now, through an organ transplant I am stable and also have pre-arranged all my end of life needs; removing a tremendous burden from my family and friends.
While I am not "planning" a funeral at the moment, I did plan one back in 2003, when my late husband passed. It wasn't an easy time of it, and I wish that I had some help that wasn't family. Family is wonderful; but for planning a funeral, you really do need all the details planned ahead of time. Well, we are all wiser now. I'm now a member of Funeral Consumers Alliance. Thanks for starting this. There really is a need, and not just for the "old farts!"
I contacted FCA regarding some ethical and financial concerns I was having with a funeral home. I spoke with your staff member, who continued to guide me through my case. In my case, I know that not only were ethics violated, but laws were broken. Had I not had Funeral Consumers Alliance , I would have felt violated more so and would have had a devastating financial loss. Knowing my rights made all the difference in the world.
During six years on the board of an FCA, Inc., affiliate, I have gained enormous respect for the small and efficient national FCA office. Without the national website, its resources and pamphlets, and its leadership, leadership we would just be reinventing the wheel locally. Please support FCA---to use their resources without contributing just wouldn’t be right!