About Funeral Consumers Alliance

Funeral Consumers Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer's right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral.

  • To accomplish that goal, the FCA:

Offers online and print publications on funeral choices to increase public awareness of funeral options, including how to care for your own dead without using a funeral home, monitors funeral industry trends and practices nationally and exposes abuses Serves as a consumer advocate for legal and regulatory reform, giving advice on or lobbying for necessary changes locally, state-wide, or nationally Serves as a credible source of information for media covering death and dying Works with national organizations sharing similar concerns to expand families’ choices and control over funeral options Gives advice and guidance to local memorial and funeral planning societies Refers people to local funeral planning societies and regulatory agencies Helps more than 50 funeral planning societies stay in touch with each other and exchange ideas

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Our affiliates are nonsectarian, nonprofit, educational organizations. They were first started in the late 1930s (known then as Memorial Societies) because of two influences: the depression and the increasing cost of funerals due to the use of embalming and more elaborate manufactured caskets. There are more than 50 nonprofit funeral-planning groups across the US. Many FCA affiliates, with the help of their volunteers, do a price survey of area mortuaries. Some have been able to negotiate a discount at participating funeral homes, sort of like a cooperative buyers’ club. Some focus on education and advocacy only. Joining and supporting a local FCA group will help you save thousands of dollars on unnecessary funeral costs while ensuring we can protect a consumer’s last rights in your neighborhood and around the country.

Note—FCA’s official views are found in our publications and official statements on consumer protection and public policy matters. The personal views and opinions of staff or volunteers, expressed outside of FCA, are not FCA’s views and are not FCA’s responsibility.


FCA helps more than 50 funeral planning societies stay in touch with each other and exchange ideas


FCA and its affiliates are spread out across the United States.