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Summer, 2021 upcoming workshops

Direct Cremation Online—A discussion with CEO JG Sandom When: Thursday, June 10, 7:30 pm Eastern, 2021
Where: Zoom sells direct cremations to consumers with all arrangements and payment taking place over the Internet. Read more
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Online classes from Peoples Memorial Association, ...

Peoples Memorial Association is a charter founding member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance federation, based in Seattle. They have a number of online workshops coming up! To sign up, go here. —5/25: The Story of Green Burial (presented by Brian Flowers from Moles Farewell Tributes)
—5/26: Aquamation and Evelyn (presented by Rachel LeBlanc from The Co-op Funeral Home)
—5/27: Choosing Natural Organic Reduction (presented by Morgan Yarborough from Recompose)
—5/28: Epilogues: Talking Death in Books (conversation between myself and Nancy Slote from Seattle Public Library followed by facilitated discussion with attendees) Read more
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FEMA money to pay for Covid deaths---last updated ...

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that it will begin applications for reimbursement for funeral expenses of deaths due to Covid.   Here are some questions and answers. Please know that the details below are all the details we have. Read more
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Support online funeral pricing in Georgia

Hats off to Georgia legislator Marvin Lim, and to the Memorial Society of Georgia and the FCA of Georgia. Rep. Lim has introduced House Bill 525, which would require funeral homes with websites to post their General Price List prominently on that site. Read more
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5 Tips for controlling funeral costs

—Special thanks to the Consumer Federation of America for making this brochure possible. Making funeral arrangements at the last minute can be stressful, expensive, and disappointing in terms  of services received. Planning ahead can provide the following benefits: —Significant cost savings, quite possibly cutting funeral costs by half. Read more
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2021-Virginia Bill favors embalmers, limits compet...

Senate Bill 1424 would require any funeral home manager to be a licensed embalmer. This restriction serves no consumer protection purpose. Instead, it protects and favors embalmers (as compared to non-embalmer funeral directors) who do not want job competition from non-embalmers. Read more
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Videos—For FCA Affiliates

VIDEO LIBRARY—For FCA Affiliates Our video library features a variety of topics on the nuts and bolts of running a funeral consumers organization. Some are free, others are available to buy. Free videos show a player screen you can click on. Paid videos show a password screen (there’s a purchase link under these videos). Read more
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