Marketing Your Affiliate

Marketing Your Affiliate

Consumers most often turn to local community members for information:

  • Attorneys
  • Accountant/Estate Planning workers
  • Emergency Medical Services Directors & Personnel
  • Police Officers
  • Vital Records office workers
  • Social Workers
  • Hospice Workers

The people most consumers EXPECT to have the correct information are the ones who often DON’T have it! Your FCA Affiliate can help address this information asymmetry.

This is an opportunity to share information and market your local FCA Affiliate in your area! Here are several ways to begin:

Create a 20 minute presentation

Your presentation may be a slide set or handout, etc., that lists all the funeral liberties people can exercise in your state. For example, one affiliate member uses 10 stories, including photos and fun songs, to open and close a presentation. Your foundational presentation can be used as a template for different types of events. Reach out to local community members and organizations and offer training sessions that feature this presentation. 

Form a speakers bureau

Include on your website, Facebook page, and brochure a list of topics and the offer to provide speakers for meetings. Your speakers can use the 20 minute presentation as their foundation. That can be more inviting to new speakers than ‘starting from scratch’.

Host educational events

  • Webinars
  • Death cafes: how to and more
  • Funeral planning workshops
  • A table with information on funeral planning, building caskets, and buying on private land, etc. at:
    • DIY fairs
    • Homeschool conferences
    • Prepper conferences
    • Church conferences
    • Estate planning workshops
    • EMS/social worker continuing education conferences

Create a presence on social media

Besides your website, consider making a Facebook page, Instagram account, or posts on other social media.

Publicize your Funeral Home Price Survey results

  • Send out a press release. 
  • Contact the local newspapers and tv/radio stations to see if they would publish or air a story. 
  • Write timely letters to the editor.

Publicize your annual meeting or other events

  • Contact the community calendar in local newspapers/tv stations.
  • Produce PSAs (public service announcements).
  • Offer to be interviewed on radio talk shows.
  • Send out press releases regarding an event.

Create a printed brochure

Have a printed brochure to hand out at meetings or to place in public places, senior living facilities, waiting rooms, etc. This brochure should describe the benefits your organization provides such as Advance Directive forms or a Before I Go planning kit. Include interesting facts about the Funeral Rule, cost comparisons of local funeral homes, and how to shop for funerals. And, of course, include contact information for your affiliate. Download a sample brochure.

Distribute Educational Pamphlets

National FCA offers over 20 professionally designed educational pamphlets that you may download for free and print copies for distribution at meetings and educational events.

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