Starting an Affiliate

Starting an Affiliate

We’d love to work with you to organize a new Funeral Consumers Alliance in your area. Here are some simple steps to get you started.

  • If you’re not ready to start a group just yet, consider performing a local cost comparison survey of funeral prices to help your community. Here’s a primer to help you start.
  • Is there an FCA in your state or in your area already? You may be able to help them expand their services into your area without forming a new chapter. Here is why an FCA should try to cover the entire state: FCAs with Bigger Boundaries
  • Start it yourself or gather a small handful of friends to share the work. Choose your goals and objectives and how you’d like to accomplish them.

Help can be found in: 

Part 1 “Guidebook for Running a Funeral Consumers Alliance”.

Part 2 “Guidebook for Running a Funeral Consumers Alliance”.

  • Make contact with a mentor from the National FCA Board to share your vision and plan.
  • Conduct your first local funeral cost-comparison survey (instructions are in the book and straightforward, and we’re here to coach). You can use your results to garner attention in your local media and draw people to join your cause.

If you have any additional questions about starting a FCA Group, reach out to us at

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