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Proceso de Embalsamar un Cadaver

“DATOS QUE USTED DEBE CONOCER ACERCA DEL EMBALSAMAMIENTO” El embalsamar un cadaver es la base sobre la cual se sostiene la estructura completa del Servico Funeral Norte Americano. Es la base que permite al Funerario venderle al doliente mercancia costosa (que tambien provee a dicho establecimiento con un margen de ganancias exhorbitante). Read more

How to Plan a Memorial Service

A memorial service is a commemorative event without the body present. Unlike a funeral, the service can be held weeks or months after the death, allowing the family time to plan and then gather at a convenient time and place. It is typically less expensive and simpler to arrange than a traditional funeral. Read more

Paying Final Respects – Your Rights When Buying a Funeral

YOUR RIGHTS WHEN BUYING FUNERAL GOODS AND SERVICES This article, published by the Federal Trade Commission, is a straightforward guide to your rights. Don’t die before you read it! Paying Final Respects: Your Rights When Buying Funeral Goods & Services When a loved one dies, grieving family members and friends often are confronted with dozens of decisions about the funeral ­— all of which must be made quickly and often under great emotional stress. Read more

Monumental Manipulation

WRITTEN BY AN INSIDER Many funeral homes sell tombstones. Monument shops, as well as many cemeteries and memorial parks, sell tombstones also. Most, however, do not refer to these items as tombstones, but rather as monuments or memorial markers. Here, language is important—A tombstone denotes something old, dark and scary; a monument, on the other hand, is sold as a unique item denoting the person’s role, as well as station in life. Read more

Light, Like the Sun

by Frances Newton
This article has appeared twice in The Reader’s Digest and was recommended by the president of the Raritan Valley Memorial Society, Roberta D’Angelo. Father was 87 when he died. And I, at 41, had never before seen death, knew nothing of funeral rites. Read more

Lay Me to Rest in A Plain Pine Box, One Mother’s Letter to Her Children

I’m getting older now. I’m beginning to think about which of my personal things I want each of you to have. Yes, I’ve written a will, so each of you will share equally in what little is left after I’m gone. There are a few special things, though, I’ll want to give you while I’m still alive, because they should not be counted in the sum total of it all. Read more

How to Pay for a Funeral, or Other Arrangements

First, be aware that you or your family will be responsible for paying the funeral bill. No charity will bail you out if you go into debt for a funeral. Take a realistic look at your budget, before calling a funeral home. Decide what you can comfortably afford—without sacrificing money you need for daily living. Read more