Simplify Your Surveying

Simplify Your Surveying

Reduce the workload of collecting General Price Lists

If there are too many funeral homes to survey in your area, try collecting only a few price lists (perfectionists may struggle) using one of these methods:

  1. Collect a sample of the least & most expensive GPLs to get a representation of prices from the different geographic areas in the region covered by your Affiliate. This will show the contrast in prices people can expect. 
  2. Collect prices exclusively from funeral homes that reveal their prices online so that you’re ignoring businesses that don’t publish their prices. The cheapest often do advertise their prices openly so you are rewarding them. 
  3. Only collect GPLs of the lowest priced funeral homes you can find, with an open call for consumers and competitive FH’s to reach out to you, in order to become listed. One way to find them is to use and a browser search “cheapest cremation near me” to identify the cheapest funeral services providers. 

You might explain why you post only low priced businesses, for example: 

“The most expensive mortuaries are typically less flexible. Also it is more important to select the most affordable rather than the one “closest to home” therefore we only publish the FH’s that are least expensive and hope you call them.”  Remind the reader: We receive no donations from any funeral industry business. We rely on consumer feedback if your treatment is less than wonderful. Wonderful treatment is defined as: 

No pressure or manipulative behavior to buy goods and services you don’t want.”

Link to actual GPLs

Include in your price comparison chart a link to the websites of the FH’s that publish their General Price Lists online. For those who don’t publish prices on their own website, provide the GPL to the consumer for them to view. 

Here is an example from Utah:

Here is an example from Georgia:

Don’t break out every GPL item

here are lots of examples of the old way of price surveying. We used to reveal the cost of every line item. It is absolutely overwhelming for the consumer to read and use. 

Here’s an example of one from 20 years ago:

Instead you might present prices for the two least expensive options,  Immediate Burial or Direct Cremation, plus price for a Full Service Funeral Package if one is quoted.

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