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Category: Legislative Watch

Maine, 2013–preneed insurance voted down

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestWith the help of the FCA of Maine, lawmakers squashed a bill backed by funeral giant Service Corporation International (also known as Dignity Memorial) that would have allowed funeral home to sell insurance to consumers. Read more

Montana running amok. . .again

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestFor the backstory on Montana’s war on affordable funerals, see: Montana Funeral Directors Try to Shut Down Competition Montana: The Divine Right of Undertakers II The state’s funeral industry and its regulatory handmaidens just won’t quit. Read more

Logos in the Lonestar State-2012

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest6/20/2012—Kudos to Jim Bates of the FCA of North Texas for getting the state to require funeral homes to tell the consumer the price they’re paying newspapers for the column-inches taken up by the funeral home’s logo. Read more

Iowa Gives Undertakers Unfair Advantage

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest4/27/2012—To our shock, a recently passed bill (HF2369) takes away the ability of local registrars to issue burial-transit permits. Home funeral families are now at the mercy of funeral directors with a conflict of interest or medical examiners who don’t want to cooperate with them. Read more

Oregon funeral directors at it again-2012

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestUPDATE 2/22/12—It looks as though SB 1502 never got out of committee, and some well-placed friends tell us industry lobbyists were surprised to see the opposition from consumer advocates.  2/6/11—Funeral Director trade associations are forever trying to consolidate their power and shut down real consumer protection by dominating state regulatory agencies. Read more

Virginia Wants to Ban Alkaline Hydrolysis? -2012

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest1/22/2012—Someone in the state of Virginia has a case of the “ickies.” If not we can’t imagine why the state legislature is considering a bill to ban alkaline hydrolyis.  Alkaline hydrolysis is the process of dissolving the body into an inert liquid using a bath of water and potassium hydroxide—basically it’s dissolving the body in lye. Read more

Wisconsin trade group tries to undo “combo” ban

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestUDATE 3/11/2012—The bill has died in committee. 
1/11/12—Once again cemetery owners are trying to undo the state’s ban on combination funeral home/cemetery businesses. Representative Evan Wynn is sponsoring LRB 3490. Read more