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Category: Sponsors

Ellie Klein-FCA Sponsor

Ellie Klein, 50-year member and supporter, Josh Slocum, exec. director Fifty years ago I became an active participant in the Continental Association of Funeral and Memorial Societies (CAFMS) currently known as Funeral Consumer Alliance (FCA). Read more


New Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education & Advocacy (NHFREA) encourages families to care for their own dead when possible and to choose funeral services when necessary through informed choice. NHFREA Director Lee Webster (from the National Home Funeral Alliance, Green Burial Alliance, National End of Life Doula Alliance, and the Conservation Burial Alliance) along with others in the group, tours New England spreading the word of thoughtful, affordable, and environmentally-friendly after-death options through educational presentations, workshops, practicums, and other programs available to all. Read more

Dying to Bloom-FCA Sponsor

Dying to Bloom was honored to be a 2018 FCA Sponsor. Proprietor, Kerry Potter, attended her first FCA Conference in Minneapolis in 2014  She was already a huge advocate of natural burial and has given many presentations in her community. “Being at the conference played an integral role in my decision to pursue my dream of opening my Natural Burial Boutique, Dying to Bloom,” Kerry said. Read more

Mindy and Tony Moore-FCA Sponsors

It’s pretty easy to get help with most things in life; landscaping… job training… investments. When it comes to navigating the world of funeral planning, however, it’s easy to fall prey to an industry that, like any other, is first and foremost profit-driven. Read more

Kay-FCA Sponsor

Why do I support FCA? I have been involved with the decent death movement for over a decade. I don’t just show up to feel younger than most. I bring energy to helping people get the end of life wishes they want most by helping them to open up the conversation with their families and to get their paperwork in order. Read more

Valerie Friedman-FCA Sponsor

Why do I support FCA?  Because people deserve the information they need to make informed decisions, while the funeral industry is allowed to continue to operate in the dark ages…for their financial benefit. In today’s world, when information is available on virtually anything with a click of a mouse or a tap on a screen, the funeral industry is not required to provide pricing on-line so consumers can compare prices, ideally when they are not in emotional distress. Read more

Borderland Tees-FCA Sponsor

Borderland Tees is a social enterprise in Knoxville, Tennessee. Through screen-printing, we fund a community ministry to people who are marginalized due to prison records, mental illness, homelessness, addiction, or any other reason. We call it “Capitalism for the Common Good.” Read more