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Consumer advice---the downsides of a "free" grave/...

George from Tennessee wrote for advice on whether to prepay for the services associated with two mausoleum spaces given to him and his wife as a gift. We’ve talked to numerous families who were disappointed to find that additional fees came due at the time of burial. Read more
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From a casket retailer's point of view

We’re featuring a guest blog post from a relatively new entrant into the field of direct-to-consumer casket sales, often known as a “casket retailer”. Caskets have been one of the most expensive components of many funerals, and discount retailers have stepped in. Read more
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Funeral Rule Reform 2020: FCA's Submission to the ...

Every 10 years the Federal Trade Commission reviews the “Funeral Rule” for possible reform. The rule requires funeral homes to give consumers printed price lists (when they visit in person), give price quotes by phone, allow consumers to pick item by item (mandatory packaged funerals are not permitted), and more. Read more
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FCA affiliates: options for board elections when y...

The pandemic has prevented us from gathering in large groups. This interferes with the ability of local funeral consumer organizations to hold elections to their board for those groups whose bylaws require in-person elections, or elections at a particular time or place. Read more
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Covid19 and the dead: facts, not fear

For a .pdf version of this post you can share, click here. When a disaster or a pandemic occurs, people are understandably fearful. But humans are prone to amplifying our fears beyond reality, and one of the first places the human mind goes when in a state of fear is to thoughts of death and dead bodies. Read more
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