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Funeral Consumers Association (FCA) of Tampa Bay

The Funeral Consumers Association (FCA) of Tampa Bay (formerly The Memorial Society of Tampa Bay) is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  It promotes dignified and affordable funeral arrangements through pre-arrangement and reduced costs of burial, cremation, and other dispositions by offering the services of a cooperating funeral home.  It has almost a thousand members.

Using this customer base, the FCA approaches Funeral Homes in the Tampa Bay area to find one who will provide dignified funeral arrangements at affordable prices.  The rates are a fraction of normal costs.  Any type of funeral can be arranged. Here are the prices for typical services charged by the currently associated funeral home. These prices are good through August 2027. If you pre-pay now, the funeral home will honor these prices with a “pre-need funeral insurance policy” for whenever you die.

  • CREMATION $950
  • BURIAL $1,050

Additional Necessary Charges (Fees vary and are set by the County):

  • Medical Examiners Fee (Cremation & Transfer Authorization): $50
  • Certified Death Certificate – varies by county

There are over 150 such Associations nationwide with reciprocating agreements should you move or die while traveling. And there are another 25 in Canada.

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There is a very modest one-time “donation” of $30 per adult or $50 per family (parents & children under 18) to join the FCA. It is used by the FCA for phones, printing and postage.

For questions and correspondence, please contact:

Sandra Elmore, Membership/Treasurer
FCA of Tampa Bay
18902 Arbor Drive
Lutz FL 33548-5051
Phone: (813)948-1990
E-mail: [email protected]