We are a non-profit organization empowering you to choose simple, meaningful, affordable after-death arrangements.

We at the National Funeral Consumers Alliance:

  • Publish educational content
  • Advise consumers on how to obtain affordable funeral & burial arrangements
  • Serve as a consumer advocate for pending legislation
  • Provide guidance to member Affiliates

Upcoming Events

Funeral poverty is real. What happens to the unclaimed dead? All people have the right to a personalized and respectful service that memorializes their life on earth. Indigent Burial Programs help ensure, as a community, that everyone who exits this life and enters the next, is surrounded by people that care about them.

Matthew Whisman runs a one-of-a-kind program in Louisville, KY that provides burial and cremation services for individuals who do not have the financial resources or family to provide them. Read more

Join us on May 22, 8 PM EST to learn about this Indigent Burial Program and find ways you may be able to support your local community.

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