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October, 2018 FCA News

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestOctober, 2018 Dear friends,
For us in New England, fall has arrived. Mercifully, as we’re not used to the Deep-South-like heat and humidity that blanketed our corner of the country this summer. We hope that whatever fall is like where you are, that you’re enjoying its arrival. Read more

On home funerals and community

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest—by Dani  LaVoire, vice-president National Home Funeral Alliance We all have an ancestor who made fire with friction, who foraged for food, who birthed her babies surrounded by other women. Each of us alive today has a not-too-distant-ancestor who participated in the ritual cleansing and preparation of the bodies of those who have died. Read more

FCA New, August 2018

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest August, 2018 Dear friends and supporters, It was a treat to see some of you at our recent national conference in Rochester, New York. Thank you for bringing the enthusiasm, the vision, and the knowledge that made it a great success! Read more

2018 Cost-comparison survey of Vermont funeral homes

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestHow to use this survey CLICK HERE to download the survey in .pdf format. You’d never walk into the nearest car dealership and buy whatever model and options the salesperson recommended, but that’s exactly how most people buy funerals. Read more