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Spring, 2021 upcoming workshops

Wednesday, March 31, 3 pm EST/ 12 pm PST, 2021 Bringing Funerals Back Home Join us for a presentation with Laurie Mulvey, an FCA leader from Pennsylvania, who held a home funeral for her mother earlier this year. Laurie will tell the story how it affected her initially skeptical family (they came around) in a profound and personal way. Read more

Support online funeral pricing in Georgia

Hats off to Georgia legislator Marvin Lim, and to the Memorial Society of Georgia and the FCA of Georgia. Rep. Lim has introduced House Bill 525, which would require funeral homes with websites to post their General Price List prominently on that site. Read more

5 Tips for controlling funeral costs

—Special thanks to the Consumer Federation of America for making this brochure possible. Making funeral arrangements at the last minute can be stressful, expensive, and disappointing in terms  of services received. Planning ahead can provide the following benefits: —Significant cost savings, quite possibly cutting funeral costs by half. Read more

2021-Virginia Bill favors embalmers, limits competition

Senate Bill 1424 would require any funeral home manager to be a licensed embalmer. This restriction serves no consumer protection purpose. Instead, it protects and favors embalmers (as compared to non-embalmer funeral directors) who do not want job competition from non-embalmers. Read more

Washington state—funerals as much as 7 times more expensive at some funeral homes

How to save hundreds of dollars on funeral expenses With the unemployment rates still on the rise and household incomes decreasing, access to affordable funeral services is more important than ever. A comprehensive survey of funeral home prices in Washington State shows that a family can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on funeral services by simply shopping around.  Read more

Why does immediate burial usually cost more than direct cremation?

David Morrison is an attorney and longtime activist on funeral consumer issues. He served several terms on the FCA national board. Morrison has spent more than 30 years helping various individuals and religious congregations perform funeral and burial work themselves without the involvement of a funeral home. Read more