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What’s your metaphor for death?

By Karen Smith, Ph.D. “What we do to the earth we do to ourselves” is an adage many people have come to believe. How we connect to nature matters and can have benefits for our health, according to New York Times journalist David Suziki. Do you believe your living and dying are part of a… Read More >

He championed racial parity in the Detroit funeral industry

We thought you might “Digg” this historical excursion, courtesy writer and historian, Amy Elliott Bragg. While this true story is set in Detroit, racially discriminatory practices in the funeral industry that continued well into the 1960s, were widespread. Charles Diggs Sr. was fed up with cemeteries. It was 1925, and if you were black, cemeteries could… Read More >

Learning from our Fellow Affiliates – A Valentine

by Alison Rector, FCA of Maine “What’s the biggest challenge at your FCA right now?”  This is the question I use to get to know colleagues at our national conference.  I really enjoy the encounters with fellow volunteers at national conferences, meeting new friends from around the USA and Canada.   And I’ve learned a lot… Read More >

Meet an Extraordinary Volunteer!

  By Marcy Klein What do you expect to be doing at age 98? Shuffling around in a nursing home or staring at a television set? Maybe not. Take a peek at the life of FCA “volunteer extraordinaire” Art Trimble, of Rochester, New York. At time of his death last year at age 98, Art… Read More >

A new year’s giving of yourself

By Karen Smith Most of us who make New Year’s resolutions aim at making ourselves better in one way or another. Rather than an expensive gym membership here’s a way to improve yourself from the inside and show support from someone who may be hurting.   Although there is never a good time to lose someone,… Read More >