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Cómo cubrir los costos de un funeral

Primero, tenga en cuenta que usted o su familia deben pagar los costos del funeral. Ninguna organización benéfica lo sacará de apuros si se
endeuda por un funeral. Eche un vistazo realista a su presupuesto antes de llamar a la funeraria. Decida qué es lo que puede pagar sin sacrificar el dinero que necesita para su vida diaria. Read more
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Are toxic personalities harming your FCA?

—by Joshua Slocum, Executive Director  During my 16 years with FCA, many local FCA affiliate board members have called looking for help: “How do I serve with a colleague who creates problems and division?” These leaders are afraid. What if my colleagues think I’m a troublemaker? Read more
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October, 2018 FCA News

October, 2018 Dear friends,
For us in New England, fall has arrived. Mercifully, as we’re not used to the Deep-South-like heat and humidity that blanketed our corner of the country this summer. We hope that whatever fall is like where you are, that you’re enjoying its arrival. Read more
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On home funerals and community

—by Dani  LaVoire, vice-president National Home Funeral Alliance We all have an ancestor who made fire with friction, who foraged for food, who birthed her babies surrounded by other women. Each of us alive today has a not-too-distant-ancestor who participated in the ritual cleansing and preparation of the bodies of those who have died. Read more
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FCA New, August 2018

August, 2018 Dear friends and supporters, It was a treat to see some of you at our recent national conference in Rochester, New York. Thank you for bringing the enthusiasm, the vision, and the knowledge that made it a great success! If you couldn't come, we've put up a post-convention wrap up page with photos of attendees and events, plus free downloadable presentations from our expert speakers. Read more
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Ellie Klein-FCA Sponsor

Ellie Klein, 50-year member and supporter, Josh Slocum, exec. director Fifty years ago I became an active participant in the Continental Association of Funeral and Memorial Societies (CAFMS) currently known as Funeral Consumer Alliance (FCA). Read more
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New Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education & Advocacy (NHFREA) encourages families to care for their own dead when possible and to choose funeral services when necessary through informed choice. NHFREA Director Lee Webster (from the National Home Funeral Alliance, Green Burial Alliance, National End of Life Doula Alliance, and the Conservation Burial Alliance) along with others in the group, tours New England spreading the word of thoughtful, affordable, and environmentally-friendly after-death options through educational presentations, workshops, practicums, and other programs available to all. Read more
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